A Great Loss to a Great City

A Great Loss to a Great City

Recently Chicago was hit with the death of Mrs. Maggie Daley, who was a very accomplished lady. Mrs. Daley had died late Thursday due to her breast cancer in which, she was diagnosed with in the year 2002 at the age of 68. When she first learned she had breast cancer, Maggie Daley said she was shocked. "But you pick up and you move on. ... I'm not alone here. There are a lot of people who have experienced this," she said in the weeks after the diagnosis. Better known as the first lady of Chicago was said to be glorious in so many ways, she was caring, loving and strong.

In 1991, Mrs. Daley and (Lois) Weisberg teamed up to launch Gallery 37, a program to promote arts training and jobs for Chicago youth. That evolved into After School Matters, a private program to provide teens with educational and career-oriented activities in such areas as sports and technology.

Both efforts won widespread praise and were emulated in other cities. At the same time, After School Matters got a quiet boost of city resources courtesy of Mrs. Daley’s husband, who took it personally when questions about the program were raised.

After School Matters, housed in rent-free city offices and benefiting from the grant writing and fundraising help of three city workers, received more than $54 million in city payments since 2004. “It’s a charity of teenagers in Chicago,” Richard Daley once snapped when asked about those payments. “Are you questioning my wife now?”

With that, it just shows the heart of Mrs. Daley and Weisberg, and also of the form president of Chicago feel about his wife. Although it a tragic lost, Mrs. Daley still leave something for the world to keep her alive.