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People's First Lady

Sunday, February 8th 3:15pm Dear Diary, In an effort to establish myself as a First Lady that people can really relate to, I’m making it known that I’m trying to really get to know Washington D.C. and the people who live there. So I took eight of my staff members out for lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in DuPont Circle, which I’ve heard is a popular the place. I must say, the food was delicious and I really enjoyed my cheeseburger, fries, and coke. But the best part was the good publicity I received for going to a regular restaurant. I must make sure to do this more often, and not just eat in the White House most of the time. Although that food is incredible. I’m not even going to begin to compare myself to Princess Diana because that woman was a godsend for so many millions of people. But like she was the People’s Princess, I want to try to become the People’s First Lady. Ok, the title sounds ridiculous. But that’s my goal. And so far, it seems that Washington loves me. Definitely a great start considering that I’ve only been First Lady for two and a half weeks. The best advice Laura Bush could give me was that I really should take advantage of this platform to speak about and work for the issues I believe in. My main priorities will be education, helping out military families and helping people find a work-family balance. Unlike Barack, who has to deal with everything, Iâ??ve been able to really focus my efforts, which I think will help me accomplish more as a First Lady Yours always, Michelle