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Wednesday Night in The City

Cheap Laughs

Every Wednesday night there is a place you need to visit in the City of Chicago. It is downtown but don’t hold that against it. Yes, I am one of those people whose last resort is to head downtown for entertainment. There is so many cooler places scattered through the city and are a hell of a lot cheaper. But the place I am going to talk about is Timothy O’ Tooles. For the most part it’s your garden variety Irish pub. The prices are decent, the beer list is adequate, and if you want to catch a game there are more TV’s than there are people. It’s pretty much a sports bar but with a lot more warm clientele. Not sure why this of all the downtown bars seems to attract the slightly more normal sports nuts. It’s got good looking people and an attentive wait staff. Now, I know you can tell me you can find that place anywhere in the city on any night. That’s why we are talking about Wednesday. On that night it becomes something a little more. What makes this change happen you ask? The Comedians You Should Know a group of nine comedians who are always rotating sets every Wednesday night. There is also usually a headliner and a host. This is booked and run by comics. This why every time I go and see them there is always a couple of killer comedians. Who is a better judge of comedy you or the people who tell jokes every day in and out. They don’t want to filler. They don’t care if they offend. All you have to do is attend and laugh. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. Actually it does. The cost is ten dollars. That for all the laughs you can take in two hours. On top of that you get a chance to see some of top rising comedians around in a small environment. Watch them try new stuff out in their act. Also if you stick around after the show the Comedians will hang out and talk to you. If you think they’re funny on stage wait to you see them off stage. Now I know at this moment I sound like a giant shill for Timothy O’ Tooles. I don’t work there, I don’t have a family member that owns it, and I just know its one place you can go in the city for a guaranteed laugh. I also have had a chance to meet a lot of these comedians and I know this means a lot to them. This isn’t some big corporate enterprise it’s nine people trying to be successful at something they love. They grind out day in and day out are little bars with small audience and no pay. So there is something thrilling about every Wednesday getting see people at the top of their game doing what they love. All I can I say is it’s more than worth the price of admission.