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Barack's Faults

Thursday, October 16 5:15pm Dear Diary, After much decision, have completed the list of Barack’s faults. After all, he did say in the second debate that I had a list of his faults. And Jon Stewart asked for it later. Was able to overcome fact that I didn’t have list yet with simple comedy. But I’m now realizing how useful this list could be. because I’m working on being a supportive wife and hopefully First Lady, I have shortened the list from ten faults to five. So here is the Top Five List of Barack’s faults: 1. Barack uses the words “hope” and “change” too much in his campaign. It’s called a thesaurus. Use it. Still, they’re less annoying than maverick. 2. Barack can be too nice. Honestly, he couldn’t say one mean thing about Palin during the 3rd debate? Even her supporters can come up with something. 3. Barack has yet to bring up how I would make a better Vice-President than Sarah Palin. 4. Barack’s hair is beginning to gray. This is not entirely his fault, and I’m sure campaigning is stressful. But can’t he dye it? I don’t want it to look like I’m married to an older man like Cindy. 5. Barack could do more to show that he’s a family man. When’s the last time we were seen doing something as a family? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate more time on screen. Sasha and Malia would like some publicity too. Still, can’t say Barack isn’t a good person. He certinaly can change this country around. God knows how low we’ll sink with McCain and Palin in the White House. The words "Palin Administration" make me feel sick. So thank God Obama is such a good guy. But everyone secretly likes a bad boy now and again.... Yours always, Michelle, Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Michelle Obama