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The Final Home-stretch

Monday, November 3 9:30pm Dear Diary, Such sad news today. Madelyn died early this morning. I can’t believe Barack’s grandmother is gone. She really was a wonderful woman. And it would have meant the world to her to see her grandson elected president of the United States. And more than that, the first black president of the United States! Sasha and Malia are so upset and have cried about it a lot. I know this sounds insensitive, but I feel that Barack and I really haven’t had time to grieve while on the campaign trail. I expected we will finally be able to process and deal with this after Barack has won and when he can truly relax. To anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin was a good pick for Vice President – ha! Stick with that belief. I hope they go so far as to nominate her as the Republican candidate in 2012. I would love to run against her. And I know Barack would love to run against her if he decides to serve another term in 2012. I’m ok with him serving another term, as long as I am the Democratic nominee in 2016. As long as Biden doesn’t run… We all saw what happened in 2000 with Gore running after 8 years of Clinton. Of course, Gore won, but still. It will be my turn. And after 8 years of serving as a supportive wife-figure, I know I’ll be itching for some real power. Unbelievable that tomorrow’s the big day. I doubt Barack and I will really sleep tonight. After this election, I know we’re both going to need a vacation. These past few months have been rough with all the traveling. I will look forward to finally being able to sleep in my own bed. Although I wonder if I’ll really be able to sleep, knowing that my husband is President of the United States. Can’t wait! Yours always, Michelle Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Michelle Obama