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Research Disclosed About My Ancestry

Friday, December 5th 6:30pm Dear Diary, Well, the information that traces my family back to the slavery days has finally come out. Barack’s campaign hired genealogists to research my family’s roots, as if to confirm that he is somehow connected to the plights of millions of African Americans’ ancestors. It’s fine. I understand why he had to do it. But I almost wish I could have found out this information outside of the political arena. It’s so personal. I appreciated that they kept this information under wraps for a bit so I could process the information. It’s so sensitive that I would have been insulted if it had just been reported like regular news. But I’m glad that it is being reported, because we certainly can’t hide from our past. And, knowing how far my family has come is quite an honor. After all, my great-great grandfather was born as a slave – not a free man. He would never have imagined, in his wildest dreams that his great-great granddaughter would be the First Lady. This truly reinforces how far African-Americans have come, though I certainly don’t think the battle for equality is over. We may be legally “equal,” but until the income gap, the achievement gap, and the gap in the legal system between white and black Americans close, we must continue to fight for equality. It’s hard to imagine that I’m about to live in a home partially built by slaves, but I think that recognizing such honors their lives. And in no way can we ever forget that shameful chapter of American history. Yours always, Michelle Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Michelle Obama