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Favorability Ratings on the Rise

Monday, December 15th 9:30pm Dear Diary, That Wall Street Journal is a great paper. At least, I’m a big fan after they published an article talking about my favorability ratings. Apparently, it’s on the rise, up 10% from my approval rating in September. So 31% of the American people have a “very positive” view of me, up from September’s 21%. Not to mention, 69% of the respondents think I’m a positive role model for American women. Personally, I’m a bit surprised that more women don’t see me as a good role model, but I’m sure those numbers will increase soon, especially when I start some social programs of some sort as First Lady. Plus, it’s nice to know that only 16% view me as a negative influence on American women, and I’m sure that that cohort consists almost entirely of bigoted men who believe that a woman shouldn’t be given so much power. Well, to those voters, I say, “Too bad.” This woman is about to get a lot more power. Especially when I start my campaign for the presidency. Yes, that may have to wait eight years, but it’s coming. Oh, and already, I have a higher favorability rating than Hillary Clinton. Good to know, especially since she only narrowly lost the Democratic nomination. Yours always, Michelle Originally posted in The Secret Diary of Michelle Obama