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A White Housewarming Gift

Saturday, January 10th 10:25am Dear Diary, I’m still trying to decide what I’m supposed to do with all this china Laura Bush just bought for the White House. A little housewarming gift is one thing. But $493,000 worth of china? Honestly, I don’t know why she would want to waste all this money. It’s not like the Bushes are leaving the White House in good standing. Does she feel like she has nothing to lose, and therefore can “afford” to spend all that money on plates. My god, our national debt has skyrocketed since her husband was awarded the office in 2000. Was it really that prudent to spend all that money on china? Maybe she’s trying to be nice by welcoming us to the White House with a housewarming gift. But I secretly think she wants people to admire her good taste in tableware. But please, honey, give me a break. If she’s trying to steal my thunder as someone with style, well then we all know which First Lady will be recognized for good taste. Not Mrs. Bush, that’s for sure. She can’t have that good of taste anyway – look who she married! No ma’am, I do not want all that ostentatious china. I would mush rather eat off something sensible, and something that doesn’t flaunt the fact that we’re a First Family. Perhaps I can donate the china to charity – it can be an act of good will and will improve my ratings just a bit more. In other news, only ten more days until Iâ??m the official First Lady! Canâ??t believe inauguration is almost here. It seems like the time has flown, and yet it has dragged on since Barack became our President-elect. Canâ??t believe the day is almost here! Yours always, Michelle