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Continuing to Miss the Point Entirely

Monday, January 12th 11:30pm Dear Diary, After watching George W. Bush’s final news conference, I think it’s safe to say that the man is in complete denial. It is quite clear that he is so delusional that he actually thinks he did a good job while in office! Unbelievable. Highlights (if one can call them that) from the final news conference on January 12th include Bush’s statement that he inherited the economy. Well, look, our first recession didn’t begin until March 2001, two months after he took office. So to say that he “inherited a recession” is completely bogus! And that was nothing compared to the second recession that has hit, which has wiped out our economy. In truth, it will be my husband who has actually inherited a recession. But my biggest contention with Bush’s delusions with his own presidency is how he missed the point entirely in his reflection on Katrina. In discussing Hurricane Katrina, Bush admits that he could have done something differently. But he completely missed the point of why he failed Hurricane our country, and especially those living in New Orleans! Bush thinks that he could have done something differently by landing Air Force One, but that doing so would have upset the police officers who were trying to evacuate the city. Wow. Let’s not forget his almost criminally negligent response. National Guard troops did not arrive in the area until two days after the levies were breached. FEMA did not finalize its request for buses to move people out of the area until six days after the hurricane hit. And it’s not as though they didn’t have warning about this. The weather service predicted these events exactly, saying that human survival would be a miracle. But what was the administration doing? The Monday morning that Katrina hit, Bush celebrated John McCain’s birthday with him by indulging in a piece of birthday cake. The next day (when people were trapped in the Superdome and there were many reports of people looting), Bush was photographed in Southern California playing a guitar with a country music star. Meanwhile, Condeleeza Rice was on vacation, playing tennis and attending  the Broadway show, Spamalot. On Wednesday, FEMA claimed the Michael Brown could not do anything to respond to Katrina because he needed more than 20 or 30 minutes to enjoy his restaurant dinner in Baton Rouge. And finally, on Thursday, Michael Brown claimed to have “just learned” about the thousands of people stranded at the convention center. Aids even had to put together a DVD to show Bush the news coverage about what was going on in Katrina because while they had been documenting it, even when his administration wasn’t. Unbelievable. I’m so relieved to know that he will be out of office in just over a week. Yours always, Michelle