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Bush Girls Give MY Daughters Advice?!

Thursday, January 22nd 9:30pm Dear Diary, You have got to be kidding me. The most troublesome children ever to live in the White House want to give MY kids advice? But the girls still wrote my daughters a letter, and to make sure that everyone knew about this act of goodwill (and demonstration of bad punctuation), they published it in the Wall Street Journal. I wish they had just written a memoir, not brought Sasha and Malia into the whole picture. I’ll admit it, some of the letter contained some good advice. Reminding the girls to continue to be who they are and have fun is all well and good. But I will not permit Sasha and Malia to become the White House troublemakers. Barack and I did not spend the last two years of our lives campaigning so that our daughters could ruin our good reputation. Although I did think it was funny when they talked about being so upset about seeing the SNL and printed caricatures of their dad. Fortunately, it would never happen to Barack in the same way since Barack is a smart man with a clean past. But one has to admire their loyalty. Regardless, I hope to God that these girls don’t turn out like the Bush girls. That last thing I want is for my kids to start drinking underage, go to Argentina and roam around topless, or carry out any other misdemeanors. Although I don’t think Sasha and Malia would ever do such things. They’re such good girls and have been so wonderful to raise, I truly am lucky to have such wonderful daughters. I just want them to stay that way despite the fact that they are the First Daughters. Yours always, Michelle