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Sunday, January 25th 3:05pm Dear Diary, A lot of people are getting down on me because of I’m talking about being a “Mom-in-Chief.” Sure there are those men and women who would prefer to see me as becoming just a career woman. But the truth is that I’m a mother too, and I’m not about to shirk my responsibilities as a mother just because I’m now put in a very public role. Also, although I would never voice this to the press, I am worried about Sasha and Malia. It will be very difficult for them to have to share their father with the world for so long. They’ve already missed out on so much of their father because of the campaign trail. While I hope that he’s able to schedule his meetings during the say and still come home and have the evening with his children, it may not be possible with the all of his responsibilities. And because those girls are going to miss out on so much of their father during the next eight years, I would hate for them to lose time with their mother as well. I know there are those women who sympathize with me, who understand that dilemma that I face as a career woman and a mother. I may have a post-graduate degree from Harvard, I may have had a very prestigious job in Chicago, I may have been earning a larger salary than Barack, but when it comes down to it, I am a mother. And I am choosing to focus on that. As a supporter of women’s rights, I fully believe that women should be given the opportunity to choose what they want to do with their lives, and so I see no reason why I can’t make this choice. Yours always, Michelle